1. -piano for Christoph Winkler and Zen Jefferson`s The Julius Eastman Dance Project @ Sophiensäle Berlin 2018

  2. -“Borrowings” with Nadja Zwiener @ Händel Festpiele Halle, 2017

  3. -music for “Make Do” by Grayson Millwood @ Podewil Berlin, 2017

  4. -music and sound for “Collaboration” by Grayson Millwood and Gavin Webber, Podewil 2016

  5. -music for “Korinna&Jörg” by Laurie Young, Sophiensäle 2015

  6. -music and drumming for “HOW IS NOW”, by Laurie Young, Sophiensäle 2014

  7. -“The Lovers”, composition for bells & 9 male singers, for Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay’s Installation Nuit Blanche Calgary 2014

  8. -music for “Cut Away”, by The Farm, Staatstheater Freiburg 2014

  9. -music and sound for “The Freckles” by Grayson Millwood, Stadttheater St. Pölten  2013

  10. -music for “fascinating gases”, an interactive website of The Linde Group

  11. -music for “The Rosa Song” by Benny Nemerofksy Ramsay, Berlin 2011

  12. -music for IS MAYBE” by Jared Gradinger and Angela Schubot, 2011

  13. -sound and music for “Natural habitat”, dance performance/installation by Laurie Young and Heike Schuppelius at the Natural History Museum Berlin, 2011

  14. -performances with the “Elbipolis Barock Ensemble” - remixing Barock music

  15. -performances with Nadja Zwiener

  16. -audio production/composition “Legacy” (Video by Benny Nemerofksy Ramsay, Montreal 2009)

  17. -performance/Installation “The tourette tents” with Chlorgeschlecht (Les Grand Traversées, Bordeaux/Royan, 2009)

  18. -performance/Installation “Chloreography” with Chlorgeschlecht (Les Grand Traversées, Gallery Cortex Bordeaux, 2009)

  19. - audio production/composition “The Burden” (Video by Benny Nemerofksy Ramsay, Montreal 2009)

  20. -- music for „O.m.U“, dance piece by Laurie Young (Sasha Waltz and guests, Radialsystem, Berlin 2007)

  21. -audio production „Birdsong“, audio piece by D-L Alvarez (Derek Eller Gallery, New York,2007)

  22. -music for “Delirio” , dance piece by Mikel Aristegui (Berlin, 2006)

  23. -music for „Flimmern“, dance piece by Rainer Strecker (Berlin, 2006)

- “Fontana Malfatti” – for string orchestra, Max/Msp and twelve speakers:

Realization of “Fontana mix” by John Cage. In cooperation with the “Studio for electronic music” at the “Technische Universität Berlin” 2006



Ensemble: Live session at Radio Campus, Paris

Silbermann untitled: Concert for organ and live electronics


Johannes Malfatti: Surge

Released on Glacial Movements. January 2017

Listen to the album here

요유시 yoyush  -  달빛백조의노래  Moonlight Swan Songs

Released on Seikomart, Japan. January 2018

Listen to the album here


Johannes Malfatti: A Splendid Ornament

Solo album for mechanically distorted piano. Released July 2020

Buy album here

Olivier Alary &Johannes Malfatti: u,i

An album produced using VoIP technology. Releases September 2020 on 130701/FatCatRec.

Buy album here