Natural Habitat

Composition for Laurie Young & Heike Schuppelius piece at the Natural History Museum, Berlin. 2011

How is Now: Zero edition

12hour performance of HowIsNow at the Zero PErformance night at Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin 2015.

Cut Away

Composition for the piece by The Farm at Stadttheater Freiburg, 2014.


Composition for Jared Gradinger and Angela Schubot’s ISMAYBE, with Mark Jenkins. Berlin 2011 at HAU1.

Silbermann Untitled

Concert for organ and live electronics with Daniel Beilschmidt at

Dom St. Marien, Freiberg. An experimental rework/remix of The Art of the Fuge. 2013

5th Floor

Music/Live Electronics for Elektronische Nacht with Elfa Rún Kristinsdottir (Violin) and Pfadfinderei (Visuals) at Radialsystem Berlin 2012.

Korinna & Jörg

Composition for Laurie Young’s piece at Sophiensäle Berlin 2015.

Istanbul IST

Performance with Gerhard Falkner, Jim Rakete & Ömer Avci at the Yerebatan Cistern, Istanbul 2013.

The Lovers: Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay

Composition for 9 male voices and 9 megaphones for Benny Nemerofsky’s installation at the Nuit Blanche in Calgary 2014.

Freckles: Grayson Millwood

Composition for Grayson Millwood’s Freckles at the Festspielhaus St. Pölten 2013.

Sonances: Zero Edition

Concert for piano, lapsteel guitar and live elecronics at the Akademie der Künste, Berlin 2015.

How is Now

Drumming and composition for How is Now with Laurie Young at Sophiensäle Berlin, 2014.

Straightforward #4

Concert for piano and live electronics, with Hiyoli Togawa at Radialsystem Berlin, 2016

Music for the Specious Present

Concert for piano, accordion and live electronics, with Franka Herwig at Futurium Berlin, 2017

ATLAS3 blublublu

Music and composition for the dance show by Emanuele Soavi

With Nadja Zwiener, Frederico Casadei , Lisa Kirsch

Lofft Leipzig / Orangerie Köln, 2020