Björk: Mouth’s cradle (remix)

Orchestral Arrangements for Ensembles rework of Björks Mouth’s cradle.

Find The Others: The Things You Want

Ensemble’s remix for Find the Other’s second Album.

Ensemble: Excerpts

Co-Composition, arrangements and Production on Ensemble’s 2010 release on Fat Cat Records.

Ensemble: Ensemble

Orchestral arrangements on Ensemble’s self titled release  from 2006 on

Fat Cat Records.

Chlorgeschlecht: Unyoga

Co-composition and production of for the 2003 release on Deco. Honorary mention at the 2004 Ars Electronica festival.

Johannes Malfatti: Surge

Solo ambient album on Glacial Movements. Released january 2017

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Dånzen Jetzt: Alles will los 2

Composition and production for the 2003 release on Klangkrieg.

Transformer di Roboter: Metal Kings

Composition and production for the 2003 release on Deco.

Transformer di Roboter: Transformer Hits

Composition and production for the 2003 release on WMF Records.

요유시 yoyush  -  달빛백조의노래  Moonlight Swan Songs

Released on Seikomart, Japan. January 2018

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Johannes Malfatti: A Splendid Ornament

Solo album for mechanically distorted piano. Released July 2020

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Olivier Alary &Johannes Malfatti: u,i

“An odyssey into the fragile global communicative state, fusing found sound, drone and chamber instrumentation.”

Releases September 2020 on 130701/FatCatRec.

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